Garlic is the rooted, balbous, narrow leaves which bears small white leaves. The compound bulb consists of 10 to 35 cloves which are white/pinkish in color. Keeping the diverse demands f our clients we at Adrianna Springs Impex lay foundation to be the one of the leading Garlic Exporters in India.

The medicinal value of the garlic is enormous, which plays a vital role in treating high blood pressure, heart attack and coronary heart diseases. Thus relying on the importance and the medicinal values of the garlic, Adrianna Springs Impex deliver  the highest hygiene and quality product which made us one of the leading Garlic Suppliers in India.



Procuring directly from the farms of our farmers we intend to machine grade the garlic based on the size and pack using high-quality material and ensure the best quality of our garlic is being delivered to our customers.

Grades based on size





Packing: 20/50kg Mesh Bag

Loadability: 40ft HC Reefer Container/28MT load

20ft HC Reefer Container/14MT load

Inspection: SGS/Other inspection firm based on client’s requirement

Origin: Indian

Delivery: 15 Days from  order confirmation