Cavendish Banana

Banana is an important fruit crop in many tropical and subtropical regions of India. It is cultivated in India in an area of 830.5 thousand ha and total production is around 29,779.91 thousand tonnes. Main banana growing states are Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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Banana is available in India around the year. However, arrivals of banana start increasing from April and arrivals are at peak during August to October period.

Certification: Phytosanitary Certificate ,GLOBALGAP Certification,Health Certificate

Length: 18-24 Cms

Diameter: 44-58mm

Hands : 13 kgs 4,5,6,7 / Hands : 18.5 kgs 11,12,13

Relative Humidity: 90-95%

Shelf life: 6 weeks